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marlboro gold tobacco control at the

Low tar Newport cigarette The Olympic Games this year, the state proposed a "smoke-free Olympics" slogan. However, in the relevant departments of the strong marlboro gold tobacco control at the same time, the tobacco market for the concept of marketing cigarettes also emerge in endlessly, low tar Newport cigarettes is one of the most popular one. Then, low tar cigarettes are less harmful? Experts questioned.Low tar cigarette become a hot selling point.According to the provincial CDC health education experts, China's low tar cigarettes was born in the early nineties of the last century, the tar 8 mg per cigarette cigarette is designed for the Japanese market consumption habits, batch production after the first and in the Japanese market sales of, then gradually put the domestic market. In recent years, more and more kinds of domestic low tar cigarettes, there are 3mg, 5mg, 6mg, 10mg, 12mg, and even in some cigarette companies claimed to have developed 1mg cigarettes. One day, the reporter visited the Harbin 10 large supermarket and five department stores, found that there are thousands of varieties of cigarettes, and some claimed that low tar or low Marlboro Red Cigarettes harm Newport Menthol cigarette sells best.A online cigarettes supermarket clerk told reporters, now selling cigarettes and not the same as before, we now pay "YTDFSGFGCUEYFA" more attention to their health, smoke taste down in the second, the low smoke hazard is one of the most sought after. Said, she readily come a box of tar content marlboro red 8mg of cigarettes, said: "the smoker is more suitable, the tar content is high on the body harmful, content is low and not satisfied. In the middle of the most appropriate."Another supermarket clerk told reporters, "you say what kind of cigarettes, species are now much more special, can meet different needs." According to reports, before the fragrance of mint, and now developed fruit flavors, such as apple and orange flavor. From the content of tar, tar content except with prescribed standard. Besides, there are some manufacturers out of the "harmony" and "environmental protection" banner, claiming the tar content of less smoke is small. Even more surprising is that some Newport Menthol 100s cigarettes played a high-tech brand, cigarette contains not only nanotechnology, a variety of natural plant active ingredients, the free radical scavenging very xuanhu technology. The clerk said: "the high-tech join is around to remove tar cigarettes in the tar removal more harm to the body not more small."

Posted: 01:38, 5 marzec 2016
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